Finding reliable help for home improvement projects can be time-consuming and costly for homeowners, but now you can rest easy and let Red A Plus do the work for you. We’ll find a seasoned professional tailored to fit your needs. We’re always looking for ways to help our customers out-Check out the latest promotions from our trusted partners!

Create Your Perfect Project

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Control every aspect of project in the Red A Plus app by creating multiple project items that fully define everything about your perfect project.

Each project item includes: a name, description, business category, quantity, unit of measurement, and a picture that you can attach from your smart phone or tablet.

Once the project is created, our targeted offers algorithm goes to work, and you can view offers matching the business categories of your project items.

Find Professionals with a Wide Range of Expertise

Once you create the project in the Red A Plus app, you will have to ability to submit some or all of the project items under the project to one or more businesses for quotes.

Search out businesses in our app based on business category, name and group. Our algorithm gives you full control of finding the right business to handle the job.

Then sit back and relax! We’ll deliver trusted professionals ready to take on the toughest projects.

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Send a Review - We Value Your Feedback!

We love it when you leave a review! Our reviews are broken down into multiple criteria based on the company’s performance.

With the Red A Plus app, you can score a business’s performance by rating them as: “Within time”, “Within budget”, “Quality”, “Professionalism” and “Price” - each in the scale of 0 to 100.

Your review becomes part of the metrics that are displayed for each business search results page, and business profile page.

The overall score is calculated based on all the reviews submitted for the business, including an average score in each of the criteria.