Red A Plus started small but is all grown up now. Over 35 years of combined experience, business development, and embracing cutting edge technologies have taken us from a small idea to a wide-scale solution for homeowners and businesses. Our insider industry knowledge and user-focused approach has allowed us to design a powerful platform for home improvement professionals and consumers – unlike anything else on the market!

We believe that homeowners deserve the best that the home improvement industry has to offer. The Internet has transformed the business landscape, now consumers can reach out to businesses directly. There is a gap between what the home improvement market is today and what it could be - our goal is to bridge that divide by offering a better way of doing business.

Whether it’s a slight adjustment or a major overhaul, the Red A Plus app can provide the right professional for the job. We understand the budget and time constraints that homeowners face when they undertake home improvement projects. Our app gives consumers the best option for their project from a pool of vetted professional talent.

Home improvement businesses that shine deserve to be recognized. Our app works to spotlight the top businesses in the industry, and brings consumers directly to them. We want to work with your business to grow your client base. We value our business partners, and with the Red A Plus app, businesses have the ability to extend their visibility and reach further than ever before.